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  • "ParterDeals" and how can I make income with MyDigitalHotel?
    In addition to offering many services to your customers (Information, programs, menus, reservations, notifications, feedbacks, etc ...), MyDigitalHotel can allow you to earn money. Indeed you have the possibility to sign advertising contracts with your external partners (Restaurants, Leisure sites, shows, waterparks, bazaars, etc.) and present their products directly on the application of your Hotel in a section that you can simply name "Our partners". This is how PartnerDeals works, we will not claim any payment for these contracts. Check Tutorials (tutorial n°5) for a step by step explanation on how to create a "PartnerDeals" section.
  • Can the set up on the MyDigitalHotel WebApp be done in several languages?
    The configuration of your mobile application on our WebApp can only be done in English or Spanish for the moment (we are working on it). On the other hand, the texts that you will configure in the WebApp will be translated into 6 languages on the mobile application: English - Spanish - Italian - French - German - Croatian. Each user of the mobile app (your client) will see the app automatically in their smartphone's default language. If no language matches, he will see it in English.
  • What is the difference between the 3 payment plans?
    The difference between the 3 payment plans consists in the payment frequency of the subscription to MyDigitalHotel. You have the choice to pay a subscription every month, every semester (10% reduction compared to the monthly subscription), or every year (15% reduction compared to the monthly subscription). The functionality of the MyDigitalHotel solution is identical for the 3 subscription plans.
  • Can customers book a stay at my hotel with MyDigitalHotel?
    No, because the MyDigitalHotel Mobile App was not designed for this. The primary goal of MyDigitalHotel is to make it easier for your customers to access your hotel information, and to make it easier for you how you communicate with your customers, all in order to have better customer satisfaction. Indeed, the better and faster you communicate with your customers, the more you can satisfy them. In addition, on MyDigitalHotel, your customers can leave opinions on each of your services, which allows you to have real-time statistics on the quality of your services.
  • Can my customers send messages with MyDigitalHotel?
    No, because MyDigitalHotel was not designed for this. However, you can send push notifications to the smartphones of all your active customers present in your hotel (customers must first authorize the reception of your notifications on their smartphones).

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