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The ultimate smartphone App
for your Hotel!

  • Make your guests' stay easier, digitalize the access to services.

  • Make your life even easier, follow-up your hotel with your fingertips.

Available on
App Store & Google Play

Take full control over your hotel's mobile app

The powerful MyDigitalHotel WebApp interface allows you to edit and customize your hotel mobile App to your liking.

A collection of very sophisticated tools allow you to edit your application and publish your changes almost in real time!

If you dreamed to:

Being able to create your hotel's mobile application yourself as you wish.

Edit, change and adapt the texts and information of your various hotel services at any time.

Choose to change or add the images and photos that illustrate your mobile application at any time.

Organize your mobile application as you want and put all the information your customers need.

Without any knowledge of computer coding...

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MyDigitalHotel makes this dream real!

To set up MyDigitalHotel App...
you just need to know how to use a computer and an internet browser!

In addition to being fully customized by you and for you, MyDigitalHotel allows you to:
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Manage and organize the flow of customers on your various departments via an integrated reservation system.

Communicate directly and in real time with your customers via PUSH notifications.

Communicate automatically with your customers in 6 different languages (ENG, ES, FR, IT, DE, HR).

Monitor customer satisfaction statistics in real time on your various services.

Create and launch your various offers and promotions directly on your customers' smartphones.

Manage and monitor customer requests for hospitality products in their rooms.

Manage and monitor directly the requests for technical interventions in your hotel's rooms.

And finally, MyDigitalHotel can even allow you to earn money.

Don't wait anymore...

Try it!